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We'll help set up your Facebook Business Page and carefully craft targeted ads that will keep visitors coming back


Your customers are on social media.
We make it easy for you to reach them.


Users spend almost an hour on Facebook every day. BrandFluenced Social gives you the strong, ongoing social media presence you need to reach those people — and best of all, we do all the work.

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Choose two of the three — Search Marketing, Display Advertising or Social Marketing — and get one Month of FREE

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Synchronized Marketing

Your digital marketing is more effective if it works together. If all of your digital marketing is with BrandFluenced, your social marketing can have the same branding look and feel as your other BrandFluenced marketing. Plus, your Social can be in sync with your Website, your Reviews, your Ads and more.

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BrandFluenced Social Marketing at work for your business

Social Presence

We'll help create your Facebook Business Page – with your business logo, company details and photos. You'll have a strong, up-to-date Facebook presence.

Social Ads

The ads we create for you will appear in customers' Facebook News Feed, on Facebook Messenger,  Marketplace, and on Instagram.

Social Optimization

Using Facebook's powerful targeting, we put your ads in front of the people who are right for your business – and "Retargeting" keeps your ads in front of your top prospects.

Social Results

BrandFluenced Social delivers real results – you choose whether you want more clicks to your website, increased visibility, or more qualified leads.


BrandFluenced Social gives you unmatched solutions

One-on One Consultation

One-On-One Consultation

Your BrandFluenced Social campaign starts with you telling one of our Digital Experts your business goals you want to achieve

Precise Targeting

We know how to maximize the targeting capabilities that Facebook and Instagram provide to reach exactly the audience you want

Ad Optimization

Ad Optimization

Ongoing testing ensures your campaign performance is continually optimized to deliver maximum results while staying within budget

Access to Analytics

Access to Analytics

You have 24/7 online access to a simplified dashboard so you can always see how your campaign is performing and reporting delivered to you


Digital Marketing Made Easy

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