‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Cashes In: How She’s Shrewdly Getting Rich

‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Cashes In: How She’s Shrewdly Getting Rich

True iconoclasts of business and entrepreneurship only appear a few times every generation. Millennials have Mark Zuckerberg, Gen Xers have Elon Musk, Babyboomers have Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

But what about the Post-Millennials, those born after the turn of the millennium? Those lazy, entitled, iPad obsessed brats have yet to produce a single billionaire or CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Where are their entrepreneurial icons?

They were nowhere to be found, that is, until Cash Me Ousside girl.

Cash Me Ousside Girl, real name Danielle Bregoli, burst onto the business scene after her viral appearance on Dr. Phil. On national television, she uttered the words that will soon be synonymous with post-millennial success, “Cash me ousside, how bout dah,” then tried to fight “deez hoes” in the audience.

That’s at all it took for a 13-year-old, post-millenial icon to be born. The original video of her Dr Phil appearance had been viewed over 23 million times on YouTube.

But while most viral guests on Daytime talk shows soon fade, penniless, into obscurity, Bregoli wasted no time cashing in on her newfound fame and building an empire to boot.

She has built an enormous social media following from the ground up, charges for appearances, and even sells merch. She’s even getting multiple offers for reality shows.

Bregoli grew up in Florida in a single parent household, nurturing a strained yet loving relationship with her mother. Between February 2016 and February 2017, the cops showed up to her home 51 times. She was even accused by her mom of stealing a car and framing her for a drug charge.

But when Bregoli was able to use this unfocused rebellious energy into something useful, her meteoric rise was inevitable. She was able to turn her engagement with police into engagement on social media.

Cash Me Ousside girl is not simply a viral hit or a living meme, but a blueprint for success of Post-Millennials in the unforgiving age of the Internet. Teenagers need to put down their tablets, and learn a thing or two from Bregoli’s entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy.

The Keys to Success

  • Social Media

Cash Me Ousside girl’s social media exploded after her Dr. Phil appearance. She now boasts an impressive 6.9 million Instagram followers and 135k Twitter followers. Her engagement levels are through the roof, even partnering with other social media stars for canned skits.

She already has monetized her enormous Instagram following with a number of sponsored posts.

“Cash me drinking Fit Tea and nothing else how bout dat,” she wrote in a post. 

  • Public fights

This is THE most important key to Bregoli’s success. If there was anything to learn from the Trump campaign, it’s that controversy drives engagement. Just when America thought they had moved on from Cash Me Ousside girl, BOOM, she gets in a fight with an old lady on an airplane. Every time she gets in a new fight she’s back in the headlines, getting a new spike in social media followers.

Since her rise to fame, Bregoli and her friends have been involved in about four fights on camera, all but one on the winning side. She even said she would “whip all them Kardashian asses” assumably so she could usurp them in the reality fame pecking order.

The key to Post-Millenial success is social media engagement. If that means bustin’ some hoe up on a plane, then so be it. The new generation will live and die, eat and go hungry, by such trivialities as likes and retweets.

  • Paid appearances

 According to TMZ, Bregoli charges a minimum of $30,000 per appearances at bars, music festivals and other venues. She received $40k to show up at Rolling Loud Music Festival and scoffed at a NYC bar offering her a measly five grand. For comparison Wocka Flocka Flame and The Game only charges $22k.

  • Dropping out of school

All great entrepreneurs quickly realized school had nothing important to teach them, and Cash Me Ousside girl is no different. She appeared to announce her plan to ditch school because she’s already rich off her own brilliance.

School will NOT help post-millennials get social media followers.

  • Reality Show

Bregoli has already received multiple offers to star in reality TV shows. This week she flew to Hollywood to speak with 7 production companies, 3 of which want a scripted series (Bregoli hates reading from a script and prefers to go off the cuff).

Her mom wants to get them to move to LA because she gets in too much trouble when she’s in Florida, but little does her mom know, there are plenty of hoes to fight in LA as well.

  • Clothing line

Bregoli makes big bucks off Cash Me Ousside merchandise. On her online storeyou can buy hats, T-shirts and beautiful ceramic plates, a worthy addition to any family dining room table.

Too bad the hoes at Hanesbrand Inc can’t handle her swag. Her homage to the Champions Sportswear logo has gotten her a cease and desist letter. But anyone in the PR biz knows that lawsuits are great for exposure and social media engagement. So why don’t you cash her ousside instead, Hanes?

  • Making Dr. Phil her bitch

Most Internet celebrities would be gracious to the person who helped them achieve their fame. Not Cash Me Ousside girl. When Bregoli returned to Dr. Phil, weeks after her original appearance, she told him, “I made you, just like how Oprah made you.” Dr. Phil only has 265,000 Instagram followers. Cash Me Ousside girl has already eclipsed him thirty times over.

This is an important lesson to post-millennials. Graciousness and humility are just ink in a history book. The new generation must take everything or get nothing, how bout dah.

Many believe Cash Me Ousside girl to be living in minute 14 of her 15 minutes of fame. They believe her crazy antics, propensity for public brawling and foul mouth will cause her bright flame to burn out young.

But in the social media age 6.9 million Instagram followers means more people power than the nation of Nicaragua. And I doubt Nicaragua’s going anywhere anytime soon.

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Greg Abraham